Opti-Ferm Lix Cattle Stress Relief Tub®

OSTRS60 – 60LB AND OSTRS200 – 200LB

These conveniently sized tubs are great for show pens, calving pens, trailer rides, or at the show. Stress tubs have become an important part of every successful program.


  • Palatability: High level of molasses and fat for a consistently visited product that provides food for the rumen bugs.
  • Consistent Intake: Once each layer is consumed, animals must wait for the next layer to soften, preventing over-consumption.
  • Digestive Function: Increases saliva production and helps improve the digestibility within the rumen and a balanced pH.
  • Potassium: Supports recovery from shipping shrink at a faster rate.
  • Opti-Ferm XL® Yeast: Maintains optimal fiber digestibility and gut health.